Everex is a healthcare company founded in 2019 by Dr.Yoon, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knee joints.

Our vision is to provide easy, inexpensive, and effective ways to perform knee joint rehabilitation exercises-which are currently very difficult to do at home.

A message from the CEO

The knee joint has a unique structure because it relies heavily on the functions of its surrounding ligaments and muscles in order to stabilize its inherently unstable skeletal structure.

Due to these characteristics, the incidence rate of sports injury to the knee is high, and the knee joint has the highest incidence rate of degenerative arthritis.

Encouragingly, however, recent studies have found the following: strengthening the muscles around the knee joint reduced symptoms of degenerative arthritis, accelerated return to daily life after injury, and reduced symptoms of anterior knee pain syndrome, which are very common among young women.
Working as a full-time orthopedic surgeon for 7 years, I have witnessed firsthand that pain can be relieved by strengthening the muscles around the knee joint, but at the same time, I realized that simply educating the patients to perform these exercises results in very low compliance.
Therefore, we developed the KneeEx solution. The solution comes from the idea that patients should be able to rehabilitate at home without having to worry about time and cost. Also by making rehabilitation a fun experience through KneeEx, there is no doubt that patients’ will have an increased adherence to the rehabilitation treatment.
We hope that KneeEx will help many people that are in need of knee joint rehabilitation.


•2019 08: Established EverEx corporation

•2019 09:  Selected as a 'preliminary start-up package' by KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute) 

•2020 02:  Selected as a 'prototype product support project' by KHIDI

•2020 04:  Summa Cum Laude from the 'preliminary start-up package' by KHIDI

•2020 04: Applied for trademark rights and design proposals (EverEx, KneeEx)

•2020 05: Selected as an 'Initial start-up package' by KHIDI

•2020 05: Awarded the Excellence Prize in the Digital Healthcare Contest hosted by the Gangwon-province

•2020 07: Selected as the best company in the 1st Seoul 'Stage Eureka' healthcare sector by the Seoul Digital Foundation (acquire qualification to participate in the CES 20221 'Seoul Pavilion')

•2020 11: Patent application for KneeEx solution technology

•2020 12: Investment attraction (Pre Series A)

•2021 01: Participated in CES 2021



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KneeEx solution



KneeEx is an exercise solution specialized for knee joints. 

it consists of exercise equipment that can perform customized exercised according to individual knee conditions, and a dedicated mobile application that can control and check data

KneeEx - the main Body

The user can adjust the device's resistance level according to the knee condition and desired exercise intensity (the load can be set between 0-10Kg). If the rehabilitation condition requires restrictions on the range of motion of the knee, the user can limit the equipment's range of motion. Also, there are a control monitor and Bluetooth (to connect to the KneeEx mobile app) on the main body that allows the user to control the device and check the exercise data.

KneeWalk - EMS part

The EMS part of the device is a functional electronic stimulation device that increases the exercise efficiency on specific muscles. With EMS, it is possible to maximize the efficiency of muscle movement by applying electrical stimulation to the quadriceps. The EMS is also used to address the imbalance between muscles around the knee joint. A total of 11 muscle stimulation programs are provided for the user-selected based on his/her needs.

Mobile application

The mobiile app recommends optimal exercise programs customized to the user's characteristics  - such 


윤찬 (Alex)

Bachelor of Biotechnology, KAIST

A medical/clinical master's degree and majoring in orthopedics, Seoul National Univ.

Orthopedic Sloth Specialist at Bu-min hospital

허주원 (Hugh)

Bachelor of Management Engineering, KAIST

FMR Boston Consulting Group

신승호 (Seth)

MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Univ.

BA in Economics, Seoul National Univ.

FMR Hahn & Company

FMR Boston Consulting Group

오창민 (Valentino)


BS in Operations Research, Cornell Univ.

FMR Boston Consulting Group

류영선 (Ryu)

Mechanical advisor

Ph.D. in Biosystem, Seoul National Univ.

FMR Senior Researcher, Robot Group, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (Center Manager)

이성훈 (Lee)

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Pukyoung Univ.

FMR Main developer, O2C Holdings

김보현 (Kim)

Bachelor of Sports for Life, Duksung Women's Univ.

Representative trainer, Butfit Seoul

김호산 (Choi)

FMR Designer, Efi Inc.